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SEW FUN Face Mask Pattern (sizes XS to XL)

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NEW! We have UPDATED our Face Mask Pattern to include an XL WIDE for broader faces based on feedback shared by our users. We have also adjusted the seam allowance for all the sizes for greater ease in sewing. Hope this enables a better fit for everyone! 

During these uncertain times, as we navigate uncharted physical, social, and especially emotional places, it is important to feel that we are able to do something useful. For ourselves and for the people around us. 

As our studio shifts gears to produce fabric face masks for our community; we are making available FREE face masks patterns for home sewers to make their own fabric face masks, for themselves, for their families, as well as for the community at large. 



Our current design is based on using 2 layers of cotton fabric, with an additional inner cotton gauze pocket for holding in place a disposable filter (if needed). Material-wise use a densely woven yet thin cotton fabric (quilting cotton is an ideal choice) as that would hold droplets at the same time allow for breathability. If you are limited to using loosely woven fabric, you may want to increase the number of layers to 4 to make the face mask more effective. Check out our post on alternative materials that you can use here.

The fabric mask design is such that the elastic loops through the sides of the mask and around the ears. Feel free to change the length of the elastic in order to modify the way the mask is worn, say around the head instead of looping around the ears. If elastic is unavailable, use soft shoe laces, t-shirt yarn, or any suitable replacement material. 

Sizes range from XS for young children, S for kids, M for older kids & teens as well as petite adults, to L and XL for adults. We recommend that toddlers aged 3 and below do not use a face mask as wearing a face mask may affect their regular breathing (We all know our kids will keep touching their faces or move their face masks around, thereby defeating the aim of wearing a mask!)

Do share with us any feedback you may have regarding the size and fit of these face masks. We are testing them at the same time and will update the patterns. 

Feel free to distribute and use the patterns.



Just keeping a face mask on is not enough. We should learn how to use them properly, as well as how to clean them daily. Do check out our guide on taking care of your face masks.  

These fabric masks are also available for purchase in our online shop Independent Market.

Stay Healthy and Stay Strong everyone! Keep calm & Sew on!