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Always wanted to sew but not sure where to start? For those with zero experience sewing with a sewing machine, you can start your sewing journey with any of our Beginner Sewing Packages

Before choosing the right sewing package for you, you would need to identify what kind of items you would like to learn how to sew!

Only want to sew bags and pouches? Our Beginner Bag Package would be perfect for you. You will complete 8-9 projects over 10 lessons, learning a variety of techniques as you progress through the class.

All materials and tools are provided so you just have to show up and have fun! 

*This class is SkillsFuture accredited until the end of 2023!*

Always wanted to make or alter your own clothes? Learn basic dressmaking and pattern alteration in our Beginner Apparel Package. Sew your very own elastic drawstring pants and basic shift top/dress in just 8 weeks! Students will get to experience sewing from a commercial paper pattern as well as drafting and sewing from scratch to suit their own personal body measurements. 

Learn more about the different types of fabrics and where to purchase them during the Chinatown trip with your instructor as well! 

*This class is NOT SkillsFuture accredited*

Can't decide whether bags/pouches or apparel is for you? If that's the case, our Beginner Parenthood Package let's you experience both as you complete 6-8 projects over 10 lessons. As you sew things you love, you will experience structured and laddered learning.

This class is also perfect for young parents as you are able to sew items for your child such as a kids backpack and twinning parent-child outfits. 

Fret not if you plan to make these projects for yourself as they can be tweaked to suit adults too! 

*This class is SkillsFuture accredited until the end of 2023!*

We hope this has been helpful in helping you to decide which beginner class to join. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions.

The Sew Fun Team

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