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Sew Fun is the product of our dedication to share our knowledge and love for fabric and sewing.  Expanding on that, we bring to the community Sew Fun Face Mask pattern (free for download) that since launch has already had an iteration in the pattern sizing because having a good fit is so important.  We also added written and visual instructions, taking care to be clear and succinct.  Now we are adding a video instruction (shown above) to complete the remote learning experience.  Complementing this, we created blogs to condense information relevant to sewing, buying and take care of face masks. We hope you find all this information helpful. 

Launching our Youtube channel

Sew Fun has been a place where we feel learning sewing is a skill that flourishes best in an environment where the student and teacher are both present physically. There are nuances like body posture, hand movements and fabric handling while sewing/ cutting that can only be illuminated when observed by the naked eye. These on-the-spot corrections helps shift the students learning journey from off-road to the highway.  Removing roadblocks and seeing their potential unleash is what keeps us walking through that studio door.

The uncertainty of times has brought about changes to the way we work. We are not spared the turbulence and we have banded even stronger as team and taken them on board with courage, joy and anticipation of what positive things can unfold.  We had in the past, many students asking if we have instructional videos.  We had bits and bobs but nothing as intentional as this.  Today we pull up our anchors, set up our sails and launch into our voyage of videos.  Subscribe and tell us what else you would like to learn.


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