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Beginner Bag - Zippers & Reversible Gusset Totebag*

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Beginner Bag - Zippers & Reversible Gusset Totebag

Be afraid of sewing that zipper no more! Our Beginner Bag - Zippers & Reversible Gusset Totebag class offers structured and well-paced lessons, providing the perfect environment for participants to hone their sewing skills on the sewing machine, with care and guidance from our experienced instructors.

Participants will complete up to 4 projects in this course (various zipper pouches and a reversible gusset tote bag).

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Understanding the basics of a domestic sewing machine
  • Using different footers for zippers and buttonholes
  • Constructing bag forms with lining
  • Constructing pockets
  • Sewing zippers
  • Applying fusible interfacing
  • Sewing a bag gusset
  • Sewing a buttonhole
  • Constructing reversible bag forms

By the end of the course, our participants would have gained a better understanding of how to use the sewing machine and continue their learning journey at Beginner Bag - Zippers & Bucket BagUpon completion of the Beginner Bag Sewing series, participants will be ready to embark on more complex projects found in our Intermediate Bag Sewing series.

Course Fee

  • $320 including all tools and materials

Course Venue

  • Commonwealth studio: Tanglin Halt Industrial Estate, 115A Commonwealth Drive, #04-05, Singapore 149596

Course Info

  • 3 hours x 4 sessions, held once a week over 4 weeks

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