Kisslock Workshop


It looks like a simple purse, but there’s more to it! After much sewing, flipping, gluing and clamping, you will take home two lovely purses, made with much blood, sweat, and tears.

In this workshop, you will learn how to: operate a sewing machine; use a paper pattern; mark and cut fabric; sew a kisslock purse; clamp a kisslock frame.

This workshop is suitable for those without prior sewing experience.

We are selling our kisslock machine/clamp, and we're throwing in lots of kisslock frames to sweeten the deal :) If you are interested in purchasing the machine, drop us an email at

PRICE: $69 (all tools and materials provided)

9 Sep 2017, Saturday, 2pm-6pm (sold out)
23 Sep 2017, Saturday, 10am-2pm (selling fast!)

These will be our last Kisslock Workshops, so if you'd like to learn how to make kisslock purses, don't miss this last chance to join our Kisslock Workshops :) 

VENUE: Uyii's studio in Midview City

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To view photographs of our previous Kisslock Workshops, head over to our Facebook page!

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