STITX: Pocket


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STITX is a sitck-on organizer for your belongings and gadgets necessary for work on-the-go, bringing you convenience by sitting snugly at the back of your laptop, reducing the clutter of things on the already-tiny workspaces. 

Albert, Jiaying & Corina

"The 3 of us are Industrial Design Majors at the National University of Singapore. It started with us noticing a pattern in our observation of people with busy lifestyles. We came up with STITX as a solution to better organize our lives in a sleeker manner. And now, we have a chance to make this a reality through our collaboration with Uyii."

11 x 15 cm

Felt, Fabric Suede, Buffalo Leather, Reconstituted Leather, Teflon-Coated Canvas

*Product shots are the prototypes. Actual product photos will be released soon. 
** Stitx will be shipped on the 29 July 2013

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