Custom Qipao Pattern (by Sew Fun and Porcupine Patterns)
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If you have always wanted to make your own Qipao/Cheongsam, and found that adjusting the sewing pattern to your body shape is too much work, then this is for you! 

Our Custom Qipao Pattern simplifies the process of pattern adjustment and fitting. Key in your body measurements, and our app automatically adjusts our pattern to fit your body shape and size!

Due to the extensive testing required, at this moment the only variation that will be offered will be the sleeved, straight cut version of the Qipao. 

This custom sewing pattern is designed to fit a bust circumference range from 74cm (minimum) to 120cm (maximum), approximately a UK size 6 to size 26. Do note that the sewing pattern will not be able to fit sizes outside of this range.

As the pattern is automatically generated, please understand that there are certain limitations to the size and length that can be offered due to printing paper size constraints. You might see some lines not perfectly smooth or corners that may not line up perfectly as these are automated results of computer calculations.

How it works

  • Purchase the sewing pattern via the 'Add to cart' button above
  • Upon your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to a page where you can key in your body measurements. 
  • Download the body measurements guide and print it out to help take measurements.
  • Watch the body measurements video!
  • After keying in your body measurements, save your profile and generate your pattern! You will be able to download your pattern as well as an instruction sheet as a zipped folder. You will also receive an email in your inbox which has a link to this folder. 
  • Do make a toile or muslin if you wish.
  • Cut your fabric according to the pattern, and start sewing!
  • If necessary, you will be able to do one fit adjustment. Generate your pattern once again and the new pattern should reflect the adjustments you have made.
  • Each purchase allows an individual user profile to generate only twice. This is in the event a wrong measurement was taken and needs to be keyed in again. 

The Custom Qipao Pattern is a collaboration between Sew Fun and Porcupine Patterns. This pattern uses an application called Measure Fit (developed by Sew Fun & STUCK Design) to generate a customized Qipao Pattern based on your personal measurements.