Square Series: Black Square


A versatile bag that can be unzipped from a flat (2D) A2-sized carrier to a larger 3D bag with a base. It is made of 100% waterproof Telfon-coated canvas and features one large outer pocket on one side, two medium sized outer pockets (ipad size) on the other side and two rows of inner pockets. 

The Black Square bag is inspired by the Russian avant-garde painting by Malevich that challenged conventions of painting and form at the time. 


Zipped Form
Height: 42cm
Breadth: 42cm

Unzipped Form
Height: 42cm
Breadth: 42cm
Depth (at the base): 12cm

Strap length: 76cm

Handmade in Singapore


More about the BlackSquare:

One of the most famous paintings in Russian art, Black Square marked the turning point of the Russian avant-garde movement. Before creating this painting, Malevich spent eighteen months in his studio, laboring over thirty non-objective paintings. In the end, he had created a series of non-objective paintings, of which Black Square is one. His invention of the word “suprematism” was meant to refer to the supremacy of the new geometric forms. Although the other works in this period were created with visual brushstrokes and asymmetrical forms, Black Square was the prominent piece, with no visual textures and a perfectly symmetrical shape, as it was the paramount of Malevich’s change to pure geometric abstraction: suprematism.

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