Kerouac Bag: Black


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“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”

We have always wanted to make the perfect traveling bag, and so we present to you The Kerouac Bag, a tribute to Jack Kerouac, the American novelist / poet who had first inspired in us a love for the road. In the terrible beauty of the 50s he had traveled across America, hopping from city to city in a beat-up truck, a bottle of beer in his left hand and a cigarette in his right, making his way, hoping to arrive at some place or other. In 1957 he immortalized this rambling journey in his classic novel “On the Road”, a book that was to later change the lives of countless, countless young, dreamy, restless people.

This is the third edition of a project that began 2012. Time is the essence in this collaboration and the journey is the destination.

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Black-Grey Kerouac Bag (Waterproof Fabric)

Roll-top backpack with quick-access zip and side zip pocket

50cm (height) x 38cm (width) x 12cm (depth)

Teflon-coated acrylic canvas (waterproof fabric) / powder-coated steel sliders / buffalo leather / YKK zippers

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The Kerouac Bag is a handmade-in-Singapore collaboration between Casual Poet and Uyii. 

You can read a little conversation Uyii had with Casual Poet while making this bag.

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