the YOuyii project
When Yellow Octopus met Uyii for the first time, it was like meeting our creative parallels in the design world. We immediately recognised each other's heart for our work and our communities - the advocacy of meaningful lives for everyone. Then we realised that's exactly what our names together meant in Chinese. YOuyii, pronounced "you yi", translated as "with meaning" when read a certain way. It was divine. We had to collaborate.

Depending on which characters you use, there's more than one meaning to 'you yi'. This has given us a whole range of special YOuyiis, each holding a lesson that has shaped us over the years. Lessons of love, sacrifice and relationships.

The YOuyii Porject addresses the mammoths in the room, celebrates the virtues that lead us to a meaningful life and reminds us to embrace them, not ignore them. It is an attempt at making this world a better place for humanity.

We hope you find meaning in it as much as we do.

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Credits go to so many people we were blessed to have: 

Master Illustrators, Font Designers and Cardboard Lettering Experts (Shuhui, Sarah, Rei, Mark, Jing)

Luggage Box Specialists (Josephine, Cindy, Yuyang)

Giving life to the animals (Liping, Vivien, Danielle, Syahidah, Joan)

Special thanks to Claudia, designer of the Dodo!

Sewing Auntisans (Fengxia, Lijuan, Meixia, Angie)

Master Stuffers, Sketchers, Cutters & Flippers (Qianling, Weiting, Tingting, Sermin, Khio, Melissa, Timothy, Alvin, Jena, Khoi, Dawn, Ziwei, Kailiang, Daryl, Weiquan, Devy, Shuhui, Jeremy, Rachel, Paul, Grace, Olivia, Valerie)

Dodo Leg Specialists (Rose, Fatimah, Teshwin, TC)

Leather Eye-Choppers: (Zhaoduan, Annabel, Jiongyang)

Master Handstitchers (Molly, Auntie Lee, Lily, Meilian, Xinyuan, Steffi, Jiahui)

YoUyii Video Directors (Yexi, Joanne, Valerie) 

Special Photography Projects (Melvin, Weijiang)

Note that this is a happy corporate gift collaboration, with limited pieces released for retail only to defray the cost of our efforts! This project is not meant for commercial profit. While stocks last!