Handmade in Singapore

About Uyii
Uyii was launched in October 2011 because we believe that we can design
and hand-make our own bags in Singapore. Today, we have grown into a team
of passionate designers and crafters that specialise in fabric. We work with
other creatives to explore the possibilities of fabric, challenge the design/manufacturing
binary, and integrate technology and textiles. 

On a macro level, the studio wants to question the complex relationship between
design and manufacturing. By taking on the onerous task of fashion’s "back end,"
we seek to recalibrate the conditions of production by getting involved in every
stage of a designed object, from conception to completion.
Our Philosophy
Uyii is not a fast fashion label. We don’t mass produce and we love
our cosy family team of designers, sewing aunties and collaborators.
Everything is produced within our studio workshop without outsourcing
so that we oversee exactly how our bags are produced.
We respect the value of our work. We make sure our bags outlast reasonable
wear-and-tear and respect our designs and fabrics too much to be unoriginal
or repetitive. 
As far as possible, we try to incorporate environmentally-friendly ideas into
our processes. 30% of our fabric material used is unwanted and no longer
in production. We enjoy using these unique dead-stock fabrics to give our bags
a different feel and also to reduce as much fabric waste as possible.
We aim to surprise you. Look forward to our new creations and be wowed
at how we incorporate functionality with our Uyii sense of aesthetics.