E-Textiles: Electronic Bag hands-on workshop


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Bags work hard to carry our belongings, but how about a smart bag that can tell you when you've forgotten your handphone, or turn on a light to help you search for your belongings, or just light up in a really cool way? This class will equip you with machine sewing and electronic sewing skills so that you can make your own electronic bag.

3hrs x 4 sessions

In this class that merges art and science, participants will learn how to stitch on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and use conventional sewing components as electrical switches. After learning machine sewing techniques, participants will design and make a bag that incorporates an electrical circuit. So if you fancy a smart bag that reminds you when you’ve forgotten something, or turns on a light to help you search for your belongings, or just lights up in a really cool way, this is the class for you!

AGE GROUP: Minimum 12 years old

PRICE: $240 (all tools and materials provided)

REGISTRATION: This E-textile workshop is available on demand. Do drop us an email at asksewfun@gmail.com and we will get back to you. Please include your full name, email address, contact number, preferred class date, and the number of participants in the email.

Kindly note that we require a minimum class size of 4 participants to start a class. Thank you!

Lesson Plan

Session 1
Learn basic e-sewing skills.
Make a switchboard.
Session 2
Learn basic sewing machine skills.
Make a reversible tote bag.
Sessions 3-4

Design and make an electronic/e-textile bag.

To view photographs and videos of our previous Electronic Bag Classes, head over to our Facebook page!

Customisation: If you already know how to use a sewing machine, or if you would like to add switches and light-emitting diodes to something other than a bag, email us at asksewfun@gmail.com and we can see what works for both sides.



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