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Best of you! Best in Singapore

By Uyii Studio

Best of you! Best in Singapore

A big shout out to all our students who has given us the opportunity to join you on your sewing journey! It is because of your love we are featured in the Best in Singapore list. Thanks to our students, our classes are only filled with the joy of sewing (on top of some stress ;P) and the studio bursting with creativity. 

We want to take this opportunity to recognise the commitment our students have taken to allocate time (30 hours or more) to come to our studio to hone their craft.  We understand that behind the table where you sat at, to just be there, you may have had to arrange babysitting of your little ones, child care for the older ones, minders for your older folks, planning of meetings, organising errand runs around the classes and many more other scenarios we may not fathom. 

During the class, we recognise your commitment to be present in the moment to pay attention to the instructions, be open to discovering how things work and for some, running in the back of the mind could be thoughts of a tough conversation you had before walking into the class, something unresolved, or the constant reminder to yourself to work towards completing on time so you can rush off to pick up the kids or be on time for your next appointment.

At the end of the class, everyone walked out feeling a sense of accomplishment and for some a renewed sense of believe in themselves. For each time a stitch went off, each time you sat there to unpick, each time you had to redo something, you might start wavering and think of other things that didn't quite pan out the way it should have.  With a laugh (or strained smile) and a focus on just that one step, you always found a way to accomplish what you set out to do.  

You set yourself a goal, held yourself accountable and all these flurry of pre-planning for something more important than sewing - that is to make time for yourself and bring out the best in you.

Thank you for letting us join you on your sewing journey.

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