Curating your Sewing Journey 2022

By Sew Fun

Sew Fun Sewing Journey 2022 by Sew Fun Team


Sew Fun has designed a new sewing course curriculum just for you to curate your own sewing journey.

Always wanted to sew but not sure where to start?  For those with zero experience sewing with a sewing machine, you can start your sewing journey with any of our Foundation classes. Build your sewing experience by progressing through the class series.  You can do all that without owning a sewing machine.

For example, you enjoy sewing all things bags and pouches. The Bag Sewing Series would be just for you. Start with the Foundation Bag Sewing class, then progress to the Beginner bag class series to unlock the Intermediate Bag Sewing class series. As you sew things you love, you will experience structured and laddered learning.

Are you a self-taught sewist but always experience similar sewing roadblocks? Join any of our tracks to learn in a structured manner how to tweak the machine settings to achieve a more polished outcome, tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot, steps you can take to overcome common sewing problems and use of right tools for a smoother sewing experience.  Write in to us or have a chat with any of our instructors to see where would be the best place to begin for you.

Gifted or inherited a sewing machine but feel daunted by it? We welcome our participants to bring in their sewing machine so that you can be familiar with your own personal machine as you learn to sew. Start your sewing journey by joining any of our Foundation classes.


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