Covid Update: 20 July 2021 | Our classes continue as scheduled

By Uyii Studio

Dear friends of Sew Fun,
In light of the updates by the Singapore Government and Ministry of Health (dated 20 July 2021) on the evolving Covid-19 situation, our studio continues to operate under recommended safety measuresYour classes will not be affected and will continue as scheduled until further advised by SkillsFuture.  Should there be any new updates, we will keep you informed.
These are the measures we have been taking in our studio and we require your continued support to create a safe space:- 
  • Class size is capped according to guidelines
  • Classes operate with groups of 2 and safety distance between groups
  • Tools & equipment are catered to groups of 2 to ensure no inter-mingling between groups
  • SafeEntry check-in/out (Use of TraceTogether Token / App 
  • Students and teachers keep their mask on at all times
  • Sanitization of hands at the start and end of every class
  • Students disinfect the sewing machine and tools they used at the end of class.
  • Disinfecting the studio before and after each class, especially all touch points such as our tables, chairs, door handles, electricity points, etc.
  • Use of Industrial grade Air Purifier within the studio 
The most important thing at this point of time is for everyone to Stay Safe and Be Healthy!
Let's Keep Calm and Sew On 💪
The Sew Fun Team


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