Website launch and Uyii launch at Sin Ming October 23 2011

The website is up! We hope you enjoy our inaugural collection... It's been a lot of work doing up this website, we hope you have an awesome shopping experience browsing through our bags! However, do put up with us if you discover something on the website that does not work as well as it should be: drop us an email immediately... We will rectify it as soon as we can. We are bag makers, not website coders... we are still figuring out all the css codes and scripts!

Meanwhile, we want to say a million thanks to the 100+ of you who turned up at our studio in Sin Ming over the last two days. We had a blast! Check out all the photos and updates from our FB page. Next time we will build a cardboard shoe rack for all your shoes!

Enjoy shopping, and let us know how we can serve you better! We will work hard and hopefully have our next collection in time for Christmas!